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We are Galt Foundation

Galt is a non-profit employment enterprise that matches great organizations with motivated employees. We are a powerful resource and a sensible business solution with a win-win attitude. Our mission is to provide, promote, and expand employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

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Begin or continue your career journey: Learn, grow, succeed, and enjoy financial independence through employment at Galt.
Transform the workplace with a personalized staffing solution, whether the need is routine or urgent, short or long term, for a single opening or a large-scale assignment. We have job-ready employees to meet your needs in a way that is pain-free and low risk.
Envision the future with Galt - a workplace where employers have access to skilled motivated workers and where people of all capabilities find meaningful, sustaining work. See how Galt works to bring that vision to life every day.
Learn more about us! We are mission driven. We join a non-profit heart with a business brain, and we succeed only when our employees and clients succeed.
Let’s start a conversation! We look forward to helping you realize your potential!