Meet Alexis: Building a Long-Term Career

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Galt Foundation’s “Success Stories” blog series features past and present applicants and their journey with Galt. In this post, Alexis shares her story of working with a staffing agency for the first time and how Galt helped her build her confidence during the job application process and obtain long-term employment.

Entering the workforce can be a daunting task, perhaps as challenging and, for some, as scary as bungee jumping or skydiving. For Alexis, the jump towards finding meaningful employment was a shaky one, since she viewed the job application process as intimidating.

With the help of Galt Foundation, Alexis received the tools and training necessary to attain long-term employment. Along the way, Alexis also learned more about herself and her aspirations, as will be detailed in her story and experiences of working with our team.

Life Before Galt
When it came to job applications, Alexis found the process challenging, and she had questions regarding finding employment. Where would one start?
Alexis knew she needed guidance with her resumé and interview skills, to ensure she would stand out from other candidates when applying for a position. Prior to working with Galt Foundation, she got very nervous in job interviews which, in turn, led to feelings of anxiety.
In 2018, Alexis decided to connect with our organization in the hopes of building a long-term career, after a friend recommended Galt to her.

 A New Experience
Having never worked with a staffing agency before, Alexis said she felt hesitant at first. She stated, “It was a new experience for me.”
However, her initial uncertainty quickly subsided. Alexis felt fully supported from the start. Her coordinator at Galt personally reached out to help her in the areas she most wanted to improve on: her resumé and interview skills.
The team at Galt Foundation was very hands-on when assisting Alexis with strengthening her current skill set. She received valuable interview tips and participated in a series of practice interviews. She enjoyed how personal the organization was and how her coordinator consistently went the extra mile. Alexis received help every step of the way, from applications to new assignments, with constant check-ins, and she never felt like she was left hanging.

Goals for the Future
Working with Galt has benefited Alexis in many ways. In addition to gaining new skills to apply to the workforce, Alexis learned more about herself and developed long-term goals for attaining a fulfilling career. Even when she wasn’t confident about these newfound personal aspirations, Alexis said it felt encouraging to know that Galt was always confident in her and her skill set.
In contrast to agencies that only want to fill temporary positions, Galt is committed to helping job seekers find employment in areas where they can grow and build a long-term career. Through working with Galt, Alexis attained a permanent placement at a state department of health, dealing with records and certificates. She believes that this is a role she can learn and develop from greatly in the long run.
Looking back on her experiences, Alexis believes that Galt is a great staffing agency to work with, especially if you are not confident in finding a job by yourself. She remarked that “having Galt be so helpful and encouraging [made a] huge difference.”

Let Galt Foundation Help You
When asked if she would recommend Galt Foundation to others, Alexis stated, “I would definitely refer Galt. I already have!”
She added, “I would tell them to expect [Galt] to be there for you. I can’t stress that enough. It’s already so hard when you’re already trying to find something, and you have so many things on your mind. It helps when somebody can help calm those nerves.”
If you are an individual with a disability who needs help finding employment, or know of someone who is, feel free to get in touch with the friendly associates at Galt Foundation here, or call us at 1-877-361-1277, and we’d be more than happy to help.

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