Meet Misty: Stepping out of the Box of Disability

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In the latest installment of Galt Foundation’s “Success Stories” series, we highlight the journey of a determined job seeker with a visual impairment who refuses to be put in a box. Misty, who now works for the Oklahoma State Election Board, shares her journey with Galt Foundation.

Getting put in a box can be limiting at best and frustrating at worst, especially if your aspirations are more far-reaching than the walls put around you.

For Misty, someone who uses a cane for her visual disability, her career aspirations remained high when she was ready to reenter the workforce after surgery and having children. Unfortunately, however, her skills and abilities were overshadowed by her disability.

Determination to Succeed

Misty doesn’t let her disability define her abilities. She’s someone who goes the extra mile to take initiative, including arriving early to scope out the layout of a new building and putting her hat in the ring whenever a new opportunity arises. According to one of her past employers, “Misty’s work ethic was unparalleled.”

 Yet, even with this determination to succeed and proof of her willingness to tackle anything thrown her way, hiring managers would often make assumptions about Misty’s job readiness due to her visual disability.

Job Searching Before Galt

When we spoke with Misty, she said when applying through other staffing agencies, you’re often put in a lower-level position if you have a disability—something that she didn’t see was a fit for her at that moment in her life. According to Misty, it was a challenge, ”Trying to find someone that would accept me for where I’m at right now.” 

Misty had always wanted to work in a state government position and didn’t think her visual impairment should affect the roles she could perform. However, she was finding that getting started in a career on her own was difficult. 

Finding Employment Success with Galt

Misty was trying to reenter the workforce on her own then remembered what a friend had told her about an employment agency for persons with disabilities: Galt Foundation. While she was nervous at first that she’d be “put into a box,” she quickly realized Galt was different. ”It made a difference that Galt had a way where we could still flourish and still be independent regardless of the disability … because I don’t let that hold me [back].”

However, being out of the workforce, Misty understood that her resume needed to be updated. Eileen, a staffing manager at Galt, helped Misty make a new and improved one. ”As soon as [Eileen] did that, doors just opened,” Misty told us. 

Knowing Misty’s determination and drive for success, Galt worked hard to find employment opportunities she’d be happy with. “With [Galt], it seems like [they’re] always trying to get us to the top,” Misty said. As for a state job that Misty always had in the back of her mind, Eileen worked hard to make that possibility a reality. Now, Misty is working with the Oklahoma State Election Board and thriving.

Becoming an Advocate

After her own positive experience, Misty wants to help others with disabilities find employment. In her own time, she’s become an advocate for Galt’s services. ”Not only does she understand Galt, she’s an ambassador for Galt,” said Eileen.

Eileen even recounted a story of a woman who called Galt asking for help finding a job. When Eileen asked the woman how she found out about Galt Foundation, the woman said it was Misty whom she had recently chatted with on a bus.

Let Galt Foundation Help You Find Employment

We’re proud to be part of Misty’s career progression and look forward to following her employment journey and milestones to come.

”I am truly, truly, truly grateful that I have a team that supports me and tries to push me to be better, regardless of my situation. I’m not going to be in a box anymore,” said Misty.

If you are an individual with a disability who needs help finding employment or know of someone who is, feel free to get in touch with the friendly associates at Galt Foundation here, or call us at 1-877-361-1277, and we’d be more than happy to help.

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Let’s start a conversation! Are you a person with disabilities searching for a job or an organization with temporary or long-term employment needs? We look forward to helping you realize your potential.

Contact Us

Let’s start a conversation! Are you a person with disabilities searching for a job or an organization with temporary or long-term employment needs? We look forward to helping you realize your potential.