Galt is Expanding: Why We’re Extending Our Services to Delaware

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As an alternative staffing agency, Galt Foundation helps people with disabilities find work and agencies find the perfect fit. Extending into Delaware is the next step in creating a truly equitable workplace.

At Galt, we match organizations with talented and motivated employees. By applying our decades of experience, we help people with disabilities find meaningful work and connect our clients with hires who are the right fit for the job.

In addition to our existing operations, we’re excited to announce that we have extended our services to a new state: Delaware.

Why Delaware?

Galt holds the belief that every person should have the chance to enjoy a full and productive life in a world that is equitable and filled with opportunities — a belief we maintained while deciding to expand into another state. 

Through this new initiative, we aim to create employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities in roles that are critical to the state of Delaware. By working with value-aligned companies and organizations, we look forward to building equitable workplaces in the communities that need us the most.
Since 1998, we have helped job seekers find fulfilling work in multiple states, and we’ll bring our expertise and experience to Delaware. We will continue to support job seekers through every step of the employment process and help them find the confidence they need to succeed, like we did for Alexis, Misty, Lydia, and Henry. We are proud of how many people we have helped and hope to earn more success stories in Delaware.

Roles that Galt will be hiring for in Delaware:

  • Administrative Specialist 
  • Senior Data Entry Technician
  • Clerical Assistant
  • Telephone Operator
  • Housekeeper
  • Food Service Worker
  • Food Service Director


Check out our job board for more roles and to apply.

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As an alternative staffing agency for persons with disabilities, Galt is excited to connect with job seekers and clients in Delaware. Together, let’s build meaningful careers and find the right fit.

Job seeker? Check out our job board to find the latest employment opportunities. 

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