Expanding Support with Galt’s New Disability Access Specialist

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National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) inspired Galt to increase the support available to their staff. Meet Rose DeRoo, Galt Foundation’s new Disability Access Specialist, who is passionate about assisting people with disabilities.

Aligned with our celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), Galt Foundation is excited to introduce our new Disability Access Specialist, Rose DeRoo.  

A Valuable New Position 

Galt understands there are many factors outside of the workplace that contribute to being successful on the job, and adding a Disability Access Specialist to our team will strengthen our ability to support our staff, no matter their individual circumstances. 

By offering assistance with implementing reasonable accommodations, overcoming accessibility issues on the job, and addressing barriers to employment, this new position allows us to meaningfully uphold the Galt Mission to provide, promote, and expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

The Disability Access Specialist position will support our employees by helping them access the necessary resources and services in their community. As well, the position will also offer consultation to our employees and Galt’s key stakeholders regarding accessibility in the workplace.

Dedicated to the Galt Mission

Passionate about supporting people with disabilities, Rose DeRoo is excited to bring her personal and professional experience to Galt. She is drawn to Galt, not only because of its mission, but because of Galt’s solution-oriented approach to providing competitive employment to people with disabilities who have been historically and are presently underemployed. 

One of Rose’s first professional experiences was working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to develop life and employment skills. This experience opened her eyes to how underserved the disability community is and helped solidify her desire to become a changemaker.  

Rose obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work in 2018 from Michigan State University and has worked in the social service industry largely as a case manager, providing support to individuals during difficult times, navigating complex systems, and ensuring access to necessary services. 

Let Galt Foundation Help

If you are experiencing challenges related to your workplace or want to discuss obtaining a reasonable accommodation, please do not hesitate to reach out to Rose DeRoo. 

She would also be happy to help you with accessing resources in your community, such as transportation and housing assistance.

Rose can be reached via phone at (503) 361-1277 ext. 110, or by email at rderoo@galtfoundation.org.

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