An End-of-Year Message from the Galt Foundation Leadership Team

As we head into the new year, Galt has been reflecting on the successes of the Galt community in 2022 and is looking ahead to 2023. 

To celebrate, we want to share this year’s greatest accomplishments and express our appreciation to our stakeholders who made these achievements possible.

Staffing Achievements

At Galt Foundation, we succeed when our clients succeed, and 2022 proved to be another year for the books. Together, we continued to advance disability inclusion in the workplace by employing nearly 1,000 persons with disabilities this year.

While we provide temporary employment services across multiple states, it’s even better when those temporary jobs lead to a permanent hire. This fiscal year, close to one in five of our field staff were hired permanently by our clients, a testament to the skill and dedication of our field staff. 

Promoting industry-standard wages is another important step in building an inclusive and equitable workforce. In consideration of 2022’s inflation hikes, we made a concerted effort to increase pay rates for field staff this summer and were met with great success.

Congratulations to our field staff and thank you for your hard work!

Growth Opportunities 

This past year was also a year of growth. Thanks to our new partnership with Ability Network of Delaware, we were able to expand our operations and provide temporary employment services for public agencies across the state of Delaware. We are proud to be a part of such an impactful partnership and look forward to continuing to work together.

To increase staff support, we also expanded our roster to include our Disability Access Specialist, Rose DeRoo. Rose is rolling out new programs for our field staff, such as a new Employee Assistance Program and access to a virtual job shadow and training program.

Additionally, we expanded our expertise beyond the workplace to bookshelves. Two Galt board members recently published books for employers related to improving inclusion for people with disabilities. Check out Disability Friendly: How to Move from Clueless to Inclusive by John D. Kemp and Leading Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: A Guide for Systemic Change in Multinational Organizations by Rohini Anand.

Thank You

Without the support and hard work of our community, these accomplishments wouldn’t be possible. Thank you to our clients and field staff for helping us advance disability inclusion in the workplace this and every year.

Let Galt Foundation Help

Galt Foundation is a professional staffing organization that provides access to a diversified talent pool. As a mission-driven nonprofit, Galt focuses on providing supportive employment services to aid in the successful placement of people with disabilities.

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