Staffing Solutions 101: What Staffing Firms Do  

Staffing Solutions 101: What Staffing Firms Do  

Hiring suitable candidates is one of the fundamental tasks of a recruiting team. However, the time, effort, and resources allotted for recruitment often don’t justify the results. 

Alternatively, there’s a solution that can alleviate these challenges; partnering with a staffing firm. Explore how staffing firms can help find candidates for your organization.  

We aim to provide you with the knowledge and support staffing firms can offer you to make informed decisions. 

Understanding Staffing Firms 

Staffing firms are organizations that connect employers with qualified candidates. They act as intermediaries by streamlining the recruitment process and providing a range of services to assist employers in finding the right candidates. 

Staffing firms have extensive networks and expertise in candidate sourcing, screening, and selection. Dedicated to matching employers with highly skilled individuals who possess the necessary qualifications, staffing firms can help contribute to your organization’s success. 

How Staffing Firms Work 

When you partner with a staffing agency, you can expect a comprehensive range of services designed to meet your specific staffing needs, providing you with expertise and support throughout the entire hiring process. These services go beyond what an internal recruitment team can offer. 

1. Recruitment 

First, employers reach out to a staffing agency to fill positions, specifying the job requirements and staffing needs.  

The staffing agency assists client employers in writing job descriptions, including the best practices in keyword research. They provide knowledge to help employers better understand the market, providing insights and consultations on how to be more competitive.  

Candidates interested in employment submit their resumes to the agency. Then the agency assesses the qualifications of candidates, ensuring alignment with the employer’s objectives and values. Skill assessments may be conducted to evaluate candidates’ proficiency and suitability for specific roles. Orientation programs familiarize candidates with the agency’s processes and prepare them for potential assignments. 

2. Candidate Screening and Matching 

The agency conducts thorough background screenings, ensuring the candidates meet the necessary criteria. It matches candidates with suitable assignments based on the employer’s staffing needs and job requirements. 

Staffing agencies, like Galt Foundation, build strong relationships with their pool of employees and work-site partners. This allows them to have a deeper understanding of each candidate’s skills, experiences, and potential. 

Availability check-ins are also conducted to ensure candidates are ready and able to take on assignments. Aside from that, a staffing agency, like Galt Foundation, manages onboarding processes, legal documentation, insurance, certifications, and validation of credentials.  

Once the selection process is complete, the agency assigns the candidates to the respective work sites. 

3. Confirmation and Quality Check 

Staffing agencies prioritize efficiency in confirming the placement of candidates. This ensures a smooth transition into the assigned positions. This is crucial as it allows the candidate to prepare for their new role and ensures that the employer’s staffing needs are met. 

To maintain high performance standards and ensure that candidates are well-suited for their roles, staffing agencies implement quality control measures. These may include quality assurance checks and quality checks to assess the candidate’s skills, qualifications, and overall suitability for the job. These measures are in place to provide the employer with confidence in the candidate’s abilities and to enhance the overall quality of placements made by the agency. 

Challenges of Hiring In-House 

While some employers may prefer to handle their hiring process in-house, it is crucial to recognize the challenges associated with this approach. 

1. Time and Resources 

Sourcing, screening, and selecting candidates can be a demanding process that requires significant time and effort. Partnering with a staffing firm allows you to delegate these responsibilities and focus on running your business. 

Staffing firms have the expertise and resources to handle the entire recruitment process efficiently, saving time and ensuring that you have access to top-quality candidates who are perfect fits for your organization. 

2. Limited Reach 

When relying solely on in-house teams for recruitment, there is a risk of limited reach and access to candidates. Your organization’s hiring efforts may be confined to traditional methods such as job postings on your website or local advertisements, which could limit the pool of potential candidates. 

On the other hand, staffing firms have extensive networks, access to job boards, and professional databases that enable them to tap into a wider candidate pool. 

3. Expertise and Specialization 

While in-house teams may possess general knowledge of hiring practices, staffing firms dedicate their entire operation to recruitment. They constantly hone their skills, staying updated with industry trends, candidate expectations, and best practices. 

This can be challenging, especially for small or startup organizations. According to research by Gallup, 30 percent of small businesses find it difficult to find qualified employees.¹ 

Benefits of Partnering With Galt Foundation 

Partnering with a staffing agency offers numerous benefits that can transform your hiring process. In 2022, staffing firms provided 16 million employment opportunities for both temporary and contract employees.² This means they can help fill positions quicker than if you were to hire in-house. 

1. Specialized Industry Knowledge 

Staffing firms stay updated with industry trends, candidate expectations, and best practices. When you partner with a staffing firm, you gain access to their insights and experience. 

Galt Foundation specializes in promoting employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. We can provide you with resources such as Employee Assistance Programs and guidance on reasonable accommodations to ensure a smooth and inclusive work environment. 

2. Temporary Staffing Solutions 

Temporary staffing solutions are invaluable for meeting short-term workforce needs. For example, say you run a catering business and have a surge in demand during the holiday season. 

Rather than going through the lengthy process of recruiting, hiring, and training new employees, you can partner with a staffing firm like Galt Foundation.  

Temporary workers can seamlessly integrate into your team, handle the increased workload, and ensure your business operates smoothly during the busy period. They can bring their expertise to your project, allowing you to deliver high-quality results within the given timeframe while maintaining flexibility and minimizing administrative burdens. 

3. Enhanced Diversity and Inclusion 

Staffing firms such as Galt Foundation are committed to promoting and expanding employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. By partnering with them, you gain access to a diverse pool of candidates and contribute to creating a more inclusive workplace. 

Studies show that employing persons with disabilities has equal or higher performance than individuals without disabilities. They also have higher performance ratings, better retention rates, less absenteeism, and are more likely to stay within the organization.³

If you’re a company looking to fill administrative positions, Galt Foundation can connect you with qualified individuals with the necessary skills. Additionally, actively embracing diversity and inclusion brings unique perspectives and abilities that these individuals bring to your team. 

4. Talent Market Insights 

Staffing firms have their finger on the pulse of the job market. They constantly monitor trends and gather data on skill availability, salary expectations, and candidate preferences. 

If you’re looking for a specific candidate, staffing firms can help you place the right candidate. As staffing firms are knowledgeable in their domains, finding the right candidate that matches your requirement becomes manageable. The process becomes shorter with the right staffing firm and ensures you get top talent. 

5. Onboarding and Training Support 

Staffing firms understand the importance of a smooth transition and work to ensure that candidates placed with your organization receive the necessary support and resources to succeed. They may also provide mentoring, coaching, and regular check-ins. 

This allows new hires to bring their best to their organizational roles and responsibilities. Moreover, they may facilitate additional training, whether technical training or industry-specific certifications, to enhance a candidate’s skill and meet specific job requirements. 

This saves you time and resources and ensures that your workforce is equipped with the necessary knowledge and capabilities to excel in their roles. 

6. Long-Term Partnership 

As the staffing firm gains a deeper understanding of your company’s unique needs, it can proactively anticipate future staffing requirements and ensure a consistent pipeline of qualified candidates, allowing it to provide effective and efficient candidates when new positions arise. 

This saves you valuable time and resources in the hiring process. Moreover, it allows for a more tailored approach to recruitment. They become familiar with your company culture, work environment, and team dynamic, enabling them to identify candidates who possess the necessary skills and align with your company’s values. 

This collaborative relationship fosters trust and open communication, allowing you to work closely with the staffing firm to achieve your long-term staffing goals and adapt to changing market conditions. Ultimately, a staffing firm can help your organization thrive and succeed in the long run. 


If you’re looking for employees and want to make a positive impact while enhancing your workforce, partner with Galt Foundation. We have the expertise and experience to understand the unique requirements of a diverse workforce. 

Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from our extensive network, rigorous screening processes, and ongoing support. 


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Let’s start a conversation! Are you a person with disabilities searching for a job or an organization with temporary or long-term employment needs? We look forward to helping you realize your potential.

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Let’s start a conversation! Are you a person with disabilities searching for a job or an organization with temporary or long-term employment needs? We look forward to helping you realize your potential.