What Makes a Job Good? 5 Facets of Job Satisfaction

What Makes a Job Good? 5 Facets of Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction plays a pivotal role in your overall well-being and happiness. It affects your motivation, productivity, and overall quality of life. However, finding a truly fulfilling job can be a challenging endeavor. 

In this blog, Galt Foundation listed the five important aspects of job satisfaction that will allow you to assess your current career situation and make informed decisions. 

Importance of Job Satisfaction 

Employee satisfaction is more than just a fleeting feeling of contentment at work. It profoundly impacts various aspects of your life, including mental health, relationships, and a sense of fulfillment. 

When you’re satisfied with your job, you become more engaged, motivated, and resilient. Conversely, dissatisfaction can lead to stress, burnout, and disconnection from your professional or work life. 

Understanding the factors contributing to job satisfaction can help you make informed choices and pursue careers that align with your values and aspirations. 

The Facets of Job Satisfaction 

When it comes to job satisfaction, consider your working conditions, job security, and employee well-being. Take a moment to reflect if your current job checks any of these boxes. 

1. Fair Treatment 

Being treated equitably is a fundamental aspect of job satisfaction, including equal opportunities, non-discrimination, and creating an inclusive work environment that values every individual’s unique talent and perspective.  

A workplace should recognize the protections provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This ensures that individuals with disabilities have the right to reasonable accommodations to support their success and professional development.¹ 

This may involve physical accommodations such as wheelchair ramps or accessible restrooms, flexible or remote work arrangements, and assistive technologies to complement your productivity and allow you to execute your capabilities best.  

2. A Promising Future 

Having a clear vision of a promising future within an organization can ignite a sense of purpose and direction in your career. When you perceive a multitude of growth and career development opportunities available to you, it enhances job satisfaction and employee performance. 

This understanding of potential advancement fuels a strong work ethic and generates a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Moreover, a promising future within an organization instills a sense of security and stability. 

When individuals see a clear trajectory for their professional development, it reduces uncertainty and fosters confidence in their long-term prospects. This assurance enables individuals to invest their energy and skills into their work, knowing their efforts contribute to their personal growth and the organization’s success. 

3. Psychological Safety 

This happens when individuals can express themselves openly and freely without fear of negative repercussions; for instance, having the confidence to disclose a disability.² It benefits employees with disabilities, such as those with mental health conditions like anxiety, and promotes everyone’s well-being and professional growth. 

With a supportive work environment, you can bring your authentic self and contribute to higher levels of engagement, creativity, and job satisfaction. When you feel psychologically safe, you’re more likely to collaborate and share your thoughts and ideas, leading to a positive and inclusive workplace culture. 

4. Sense of Purpose 

A sense of purpose is the driving force behind genuine job satisfaction. When your daily contributions, services, and core values align with those of the company you work for, it enables you to have a deeper appreciation for your work. In a study, 70 percent of Americans say that their purpose is intricately tied to their job.³ 

When your work resonates with your purpose, it ignites a passionate fire within you. It could involve making a difference in a cause you deeply care about or positively impacting the lives of others. This profound connection to your role fuels your motivation and brings a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

5. Work-Life Balance 

Imagine attending your child’s school events without feeling guilty, making time for doctor’s appointments, or having the flexibility to pursue personal passions and hobbies outside of work. When an organization values balance, it acknowledges your well-being’s importance beyond the confines of the workplace. 

With reasonable workload expectations, you can maintain a manageable workload that doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed and burned out. A supportive organization recognizes and respects your personal commitments and responsibilities outside of work. 

This support can manifest in various ways, such as offering employee assistance programs, wellness initiatives, or providing resources for personal development. You’ll feel more energized, motivated, and focused when you return to work, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction. 

Evaluating Job Satisfaction 

Discovering true job satisfaction begins with self-reflection and evaluation. Take a moment to delve into your values, ambitions, and long-term career objectives. Assess how your current job aligns with these facets and identify areas of fulfillment and potential areas for growth. 

Don’t navigate this journey alone – seek guidance from trusted colleagues, mentors, or supportive individuals who can offer valuable perspectives. Their feedback can illuminate new insights and shed light on areas where you can enhance your job satisfaction. 

If your current job isn’t giving you the satisfaction you thought it would, exploring fresh opportunities and career paths can be an exciting path toward finding a better fit. Embrace the prospect of growth and pursue avenues that align with your aspirations to ensure a fulfilling and rewarding professional journey. 


Job satisfaction isn’t an elusive concept but a tangible goal that can be achieved through careful evaluation and alignment of different aspects. If you’re looking for your dream job that values diversity, equity, and inclusion, Galt Foundation is here to support you. 

As one of the largest staffing organizations for employees with disabilities, we have a track record of providing customized staffing solutions. Contact us today to learn more. 


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Let’s start a conversation! Are you a person with disabilities searching for a job or an organization with temporary or long-term employment needs? We look forward to helping you realize your potential.

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Let’s start a conversation! Are you a person with disabilities searching for a job or an organization with temporary or long-term employment needs? We look forward to helping you realize your potential.