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Person in a white sleeve shirt working on a computer with a spreadsheet visible on the monitor, in a cluttered office environment with papers and office supplies scattered around.
Don't fall into the hiring trap! Learn how to cultivate your talent pipeline with Galt Foundation's expert guidance.
In this "Success Story," Alexis, a Galt applicant, shares how the foundation prepared her for job applications & helped her
Galt Foundation discusses 4 accessibility technologies that managers should consider for making workplaces more inclusive for employees with disabilities.
The second in our 'Success Stories' series, Lydia's story outlines how Galt helped her advance her education and career, despite
A woman is massaging the bridge of her nose to help alleviate her migraines while sitting in front of her laptop.
For National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month (MHAM), Galt provides tips for making a workplace accessible for employees with a