Galt Foundation COVID-19 Statement

In this COVID-19 statement, Galt Foundation discusses how we are mobilizing resources to address the situation and provides valuable resources and updates.

Taking Care of You

When stress strikes, self-care often takes a backseat. The ability to care for oneself is predicated on the ability to consistently go inward and listen to what is there.

The Shadow of Success

It was very hard to keep believing in myself when the memories of failure kept playing like a pop song in my head. Then one day, Galt Foundation offered me a job.

Why Employ Persons With Disabilities

People who work at a company that openly and actively hires people with disabilities have higher engagement scores and show higher loyalty, which influences their retention.

America’s Promise: Liberty and Justice for All?

Did you know that we live in a world where every 30 seconds someone buys a selfie-stick on Amazon? In the current climate of me-focused culture and our “selfie” obsession, there is an inherent conf…

My Journey at Galt

A few years ago, after being an author and artist for over a decade, I had to start looking for a job but didn’t have a recent work history. Yikes. And with the added disability of not being able to work on my feet. Double yikes.