Galt is a professional staffing company that matches forward-thinking organizations with real diverse candidates.

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Environmental Services,
Housekeeping, Building Maintenance

Food Service

Food Preparation, Serving,
Dish Washing

Supply Chain

Warehousing, Packaging
, Inventory


Administrative Assistants, Receptionists, Customer Service Specialists, Data Entry Operators


IT Support, Accounting, HR

When you partner with Galt...

You enjoy these benefits:

Skilled Talent Pool

By partnering with Galt, your organization gains access to an untapped, diverse talent pool that brings unique skills and innovative perspectives. This wider talent search enables you to harness creativity and innovation at a new level.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

When your company mirrors the diversity of your customer base, it increases customer satisfaction. Hiring talented individuals from all walks of life can significantly improve your customer understanding and service.

Reduced Turnover Rate

When you hire from Galt’s talent pool, you tap into a demographic known for significantly lower turnover rates. This advantage can help you decrease recruitment costs and increase team stability.

Full Support and Guidance

Partnering with Galt provides your organization with comprehensive support, from candidate matching to successful onboarding and beyond. Our team is dedicated to ensuring seamless integration, offering services such as HR consulting, payroll services, and employee training.

Transform your talent 
acquisition strategy today.

Why find your next job with Galt?

Committed Advocacy

Galt passionately advocates for people of all abilities, ensuring that you will always have a strong partner in your corner as you navigate the job market. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in your journey and are dedicated to helping you overcome them.

Tailored Assistance

Our team takes the time to understand your individual strengths, preferences, and career aspirations. This helps us match you with job opportunities that align with your specific goals and abilities, providing a personalized approach to your job search.

Inclusive Opportunities

We work with a variety of companies that value diversity and inclusion. This means you can be connected with employers who appreciate your unique skills and talents and are committed to creating inclusive work environments.

Resourceful Guidance

From preparing for interviews to understanding your rights as an employee, Galt provides valuable resources and guidance. We’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you have the knowledge and confidence to succeed in your career journey.

Industries serviced

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Employer of the Year by Oklahoma Rehabilitation Association


100 Best Nonprofits to Work for in Oregon by Oregon Business Magazine

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