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Galt Foundation was founded in 1998 by Peter and Leslie Meingast. After building a successful for profit staffing company, Peter and Leslie decided to focus specifically on creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. They began Galt Foundation in Salem, Oregon with a mission to provide, promote, and expand employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. This mission remains at the heart of our operations today.

We’ve worked relentlessly to employ people with disabilities. We do it because we see potential where others might see limitations. Instead of “people who can’t do the job,” we see people who haven’t yet been matched to the right positions.

Since opening our doors, we have expanded our work throughout Oregon as well as opened offices in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. In each of these states, both the individuals and the organizations that work with Galt are truly remarkable. We’re encouraged by the increasing need and interest of the public and private sectors to employ individuals with disabilities. We are proud to have employed more than 25,000 people, making us one of the largest staffing organizations of individuals with disabilities in the world.

Galt Foundation has and will continue to create a better workplace – one in which employers have access to skilled and motivated workers, and people of all abilities can find meaningful, sustaining work.